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What is the best dog leash?

By: Connor Rinck

dog in mud


Marvin: “Hey Mr. Vet what kind of leash do you recommend?

Mr. Vet: “Well we have these ones in the lobby, what do you think?

Marvin: “Those are just the same leashes on the internet or at a local store what's special about those?

Mr. Vet: “Well they are made overseas out of cheap material, by factory workers making $1 per hour and rebranded by every store on the planet”

Marvin: “I need to do some research……..good day, Mr. Vet”

And so you have arrived at this blog hoping to find a dog leash that works for you. 

Don’t overthink this!

Your dog leash should accomplish three basic things:


Number 1: The length of the leash should keep YOUR dog at YOUR desired distance!

While some experts talk about having the magical “J” shape to the leash, the question is at what distance? Different dogs and situations call for different lengths. 

Short Leashes (1-3’) are good for keeping your dog close. For us city slickers with lots of humans, dogs, and cars running around 3’ is perfect. This makes it easy to keep your dog out of the street and also avoid non friendly comrades in close proximity.

Standard Leashes (5-6’) are 90% of non retractable leash lengths you will find on the internet or a pet store. This is the standard length because it works for most people and most dogs. It's just enough length to let the dog do a little exploring but not so long you can’t control them if needed.

Long Leashes (8-10’+) are probably the least common leashes you will find. The retractable leashes extend past 10’ however retractables are not good for training and they completely eliminate that coveted “J” shape those experts talk about. 

A Long leash is good for trails or more open areas, if you want to let your dog go for a swim but don't plan on joining, or for certain instances in training. 


Number 2: Your leash should keep your pup safe and secure with no risk of the leash breaking.

This one is pretty straightforward. You want to make sure the only thing that is going to allow your dog to get away is you,the owner, losing control of the leash, not the leash breaking unexpectedly. 

Rope dog leashes are made with some of the strongest available! However watch out for leashes put together using cheap china made hardware or plastic clips are the secure points. While the rope may be strong if it is not professionally splice or sewn with a machine then it can break!

Leather, webbing, and all other types of leashes fall into the same boat. In most cases the material is strong, its cheaply made hardware and cheaply made leashes that make them weak and put you and your pup at risk. 

When inspecting a dog leash for strength make sure to understand not only the material but who and how it is being put together.

Leather Trim Leash


Number 3: It should look good!

dog with leash

This is also a no brainer, for most people. Your dog is proud to be your best friend and you love your dog so make sure the leash that keeps that bond strong says it all. 

Think of your dog going to the dog park like a teenager showing up to the first day of school, nobody wants to have the same fresh new pair of back to school shoes as the next kid. 

Your dog feels the same way. Get them a leash that not only fits your exact needs for length and functionality, but get them a leash they can show off to all their doggy friends. 

If you just want a basic old leash...while we just won't go there. If you want a leash that will turn dog and human heads on every walk, visit

If you want some extra cool and unique just email them!