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Why settle for just any old basic leash when you could have one that is SUPER STRONG, EXTREMELY STYLISH, AND PERSONALIZED just for you and your best friend?

We offer not only the BEST DOG LEASHES on the market, but they are also the HIGHEST QUALITY ROPE LEASHES AVAILABLE. Every leash is HAND-MADE WITH CARE in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.


Hand Sewn Leather Handles:

This is what will really separate you and your pups’ leash from the pack and HAVE YOU TURNING HUMAN AND DOG HEADS on every walk. All handle options are engravable so you can add your pups name or a special message! REAL LEATHER and VEGAN LEATHER options available!


Key Attributes of the Vintage POSH Collection:

  • Weather-Proof
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • UV (Color Loss) Resistant
  • Machine Washable
  • Double Handle available -Contact US
  • Matching Seat-Belt Available

Vintage POSH Rope Breaking Strength:

  • Standard (10mm) – 3400lbs
  • Thicker (12mm) – 4900lbs

Yes, we know they are extraordinarily strong…….


The Hardware:

BOLT SNAPS (Made in France) are the most common type of dog leash snap. This type of snap works great for all dogs and is the standard snap. Our range of boat snap offerings are available for all thicknesses of leashes.


Why design and buy a Custom Leash?

  • You will have the best-looking leash in town.
  • You can rest assure your leash will keep you and your pup connected!
  • Every two leashes create 1-2 hours of work at $20+ per hour.
  • We are backed by a 35-year-old rope distribution and fabrication company.
  • It is the perfect gift for that person you can't buy for!
  • Check out our Instagram @customleash and our Charitable Giving section!