"Neon Orange" - Slip Lead - Dog Leash
"Neon Orange" - Slip Lead - Dog Leash

"Neon Orange" - Slip Lead - Dog Leash

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Thank you for shopping for our designs! 

Below are the specifics of the design pictured above, if you would like to customize your own leash visit our Design Your Own Collection. This leash is a vegan leather accent dog leash.


Product Highlights:

  • Rope Type: Maritime
  • Color: Neon Orange
  • Hardware: Matte Black 
  • Vegan Accent Color: Buckskin
  • Length: 5' Feet
  • Thickness: 10 mm
  • Handle: No Handle Wrap



Key Attributes of the Maritime Collection:

  • Weather-Proof
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Soft on the hands
  • Super Strong
  • If it can hold your boat, it can hold your dog!
  • Better against the teeth of those pups that love to chew


Slip Lead Style:

Our Slip Lead Style dog leashes are for those pups who may be a flight risk or don’t like wearing a collar all the time. These are a unique slip lead because it can also work as a traditional leash to! Attached the snap to the o-ring to use as a slip lead (No collar needed). Attach the snap to a collar and use it as a standard leash!

Made in the USA:

All our leashes are made in the USA and all our products are sourced from the highest quality manufacturers of rope and hardware in the USA and Europe. We do not source any materials from China or similar low-cost manufacturing countries.